What is the GetCrocking! app?

Get Crocking! is a slow cooker recipe application for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that features many options not available on other crock pot recipe apps.

When was GetCrocking! released?

GetCrocking! 1.0 was released on December 16, 2011 and was updated to version 1.1 on January 8, 2012. The current version is 1.1.1 which was released on February 20, 2012. You can view it in the App Store by clicking on the link on the right. We will continue to add new features to GetCrocking! in upcoming versions. For updates on our progress and future releases you can Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter or click on the News tab above.

Who is this app for?

GetCrocking! is for anyone that loves food but has a busy schedule and doesn't have a lot of time to prepare meals. If you love cooking with your slow cooker, then this app is for you.

What can you do with the GetCrocking! app?

GetCrocking! has many of the features that users of other apps have been asking for. You can search by three keywords to help you find a recipe that you can make with the ingredients you have on hand. Do you like to plan your meals for several days or an entire week? No problem. With this powerful app you can create a shopping list from any single recipe, or combine as many recipes as you like into one large combined shopping list that will aggregate all identical ingredients and organize the ingredients by grocery section to make shopping a breeze.

Browse through "Recently Added" recipes.

Not only does GetCrocking! come preloaded with over 200 great recipes, we have built this application so that we can continue to add to our recipe offering. We will continue to expand our database of recipes so you never run out of quality recipes. Do you have a recipe that you think should be in the app? We have made it easy for you to upload your recipes, right from within the app, to our database to be shared with the GetCrocking! community.